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Lockdown restrictions lifting-When can you stay in a hotel again?


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Posted: 26th March 2021

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There are many reasons you can stay in a hotel, even under the strictest rules, hotels have been keeping their rooms in use.  Now that lockdown restrictions are lifting when can you book a room of your choice.


If you need to work within the Capital, we can accommodate you in one of our rooms. Many NHS staff have been staying while helping on the busy Covid19 wards. Several business staff have also visited while working on projects within the city. Key workers have been vital to keeping us all going throughout lockdown. Many have had to sacrifice their time with family to stay with us and continue their work.


Suppose you are studying at University and require face to face time with University Tutors. In that case, this is also a valid reason for booking a room to stay overnight. We have also have had International students, staying while they arranged transport home.


It is now well known that many London hotels have helped accommodate the homeless from the city streets. Under contracts from the councils, these vulnerable adults have found refuge and safety within our walls. People escaping violent homes or seeking asylum may also be staying in a hotel. There is a campaign to prioritise them for vaccination before the lifting of lockdown.


If you need to keep yourself separate from your family for quarantine purposes, you may book a room to do so. This is sensible, as then your children can still go to school, and your partner goes to work, rather than all of you shut in together, with the potential to spread it through the family.

Staying away overnight

Other reasons to stay overnight away from home include attending a funeral or commemorative event. Some have needed to visit loved ones at their last hours. Attending a hospital appointment or similar medical treatment is another valid reason to stay in a hotel.

Moving house, or if your main residence becomes inhospitable, for example by flood or fire or if you are unable to return for other reasons, it is then perfectly permissible to book a hotel stay,

Next steps

Some aparthotels or self-catering rooms are available to book from the 12th of April whcih the next stage in the lifting of lockdown restrictions.. Still, check with each hotel before placing a booking as these dates are still subject to change.

Planning a Staycation

Everyone else can be booking to stay after the 17th of May; we know you are all desperate to be away from your four walls and that ‘groundhog day ‘ feeling. Now that it looks unlikely that we can get away on holiday outside of the UK, a staycation may well be on the cards. It would help if you were sure that lockdown is lifted on each of the milestone dates. As with some hotels, you risk not getting a refund and just moving the dates.